The Jack Kirby Sale for the Hero Initiative – August 28!

On August 28, 2017, the comic book world will be celebrating the life of Jack Kirby. If you need a clue as to who Jack Kirby is at this point, then I have failed with this blog. Needless to say, he did a lot of important work over the years at Marvel and DC, as is reflected by the number of Essentials and Showcase Presents which feature his work.

For this Monday, August 28, if you purchase any of the Jack Kirby books listed below, I will be donating the money to the Hero Initiative to help benefit the Kirby4Heroes campaign. The Hero Initiative is a federally recognized non-profit that raises funds for comic book creators in times of financial need. Kirby4Heroes is a campaign run by Jack Kirby’s granddaughter Jillian to spread awareness of Jack Kirby’s work.

You’ll still pay for the shipping if you order five or fewer books. I will take care of shipping for orders of six or more books. These are sold as complete sets. This donation offer only applies for Monday, August 28. If you place your order Sunday or Tuesday, I keep the money. If you place your order on Monday, it goes to the Hero Initiative.

Contact me via email (essentialshowcase at on via the Facebook page with your order!

Marvel Essentials

Ant-Man: Volume 1  $5

Avengers: Volume 1-9  $50

Captain America: Volume 1-7  $40

Daredevil: Volume 1-6  $30

Fantastic Four: Volume 1-9  $50


Human Torch: Volume 1 


Sgt. Fury: Volume 1

Silver Surfer: Volume 1-2


Thor: Volume 1-7



DC Showcase Presents



Challengers of the Unknown: Volume 1-2   $10


Green Arrow: Volume 1   $5



Showcase: Volume 1    $5



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