Books for Sale!

OK, I am reaching the end of my run with this project. I still have a good year (at least) worth of reading to do, so it’s not going away yet. Please keep tuning in every other week for a new review.

But it’s time to clear off some shelf space and hopefully put some money back into my wallet. There are a few rules for the sale, so please review before contacting me.

  • Runs will be sold as a complete set. I’m not going to sell Avengers Vol. 4 and keep Volumes 1-3 and 5-9 on my shelf.
  • Sales are for U.S. only!
  • Shipping will be done media mail. If you buy 1 to 5 books, you pay for the shipping. If you buy 6 or more books, I will pay for the shipping. If you want additional insurance on the shipping or another shipping method, you pay for that!
  • Payments can be made via PayPal Friends & Family. If you cannot use the F&F option of PayPal, I need to add 4% to the sale.
  • While the prices are negotiable, I’m trying to be reasonable here. Most books are well below cover price. A few of the books are marked up to cover my purchase costs, and they are going to reflect the going rate on eBay.
  • Books are sold as-is. These have all been read at least once. Some spines are loose, some notes have been made in the margins.
  • Orders are first come, first serve. If you see something on the list that you want, contact me today.
  • Books in italics have pending transactions on them – someone has requested them but still hasn’t paid. Feel free to inquire if it remains like that for more than a week.
  • I will be adding more titles to the sale list as I complete runs. Keep checking the page for new listings.

Contact me via email (essentialshowcase at on via the Facebook page with your order!

Marvel Essentials

Ant-Man: Volume 1  $5

Conan the Barbarian: Volume 1  $40

Daredevil: Volume 1-6  $30

Dazzler: Volume 1-2  $10

Ghost Rider: Volume 1-4  $20

Howard the Duck: Volume 1 

Human Torch: Volume 1 

Iron Fist: Volume 1 

Killraven: Volume 1 

Man-Thing: Volume 1-2

Marvel Two-in-One: Volume 1-4

Moon Knight: Volume 1-3 $20

Ms. Marvel: Volume 1

Nova: Volume 1

Rampaging Hulk: Volume 1-2

Sgt. Fury: Volume 1

She-Hulk: Volume 1

Silver Surfer: Volume 1-2

Spider-Woman: Volume 1-2

Sub-Mariner: Volume 1

Super-Villain Team-Up: Volume 1

Web of Spider-Man: Volume 1-2

Wolverine: Volume 1-7  $35


DC Showcase Presents

Adam Strange: Volume 1  $5

All-Star Comics: Volume 1  $5

Ambush Bug: Volume 1  $10

Aquaman: Volume 1-3   $15

The Atom: Volume 1-2   $10

Bat Lash: Volume 1   $5

Batgirl: Volume 1    $10

Blackhawk: Volume 1   $5

Challengers of the Unknown: Volume 1-2   $10

Enemy Ace: Volume 1   $5

Green Lantern: Volume 1-5   $25

The Phantom Stranger: Volume 1-2   $10

Rip Hunter, Time Master: Volume 1   $5

Robin, the Boy Wonder: Volume 1    $5

Sea Devils: Volume 1   $5

The Spectre: Volume 1    $15

Supergirl: Volume 1-2   $10

Superman: Volume 1-4   $20

Superman Family: Volume 1-4   $20

Teen Titans: Volume 1-2    $10

The War That Time Forgot: Volume 1    $5

Wonder Woman: Volume 1-4   $20